Top 10 Video Content Ideas for Local Businesses
Top 10 Video Content Ideas for Local Businesses

The marketing game is soon going to be all about video marketing in 2017 says a report conducted by various organizations in the branding business. It is extremely crucial for the small businesses to stay in the marketing game for too long because they are constantly being pushed away by the competitors and can’t seem to grasp the marketplace due to short financial budgets. Keeping everything in view here are the top 10 ideas for local video marketing.

Do product reviews
In order to convince a plethora of customers about the products that your business is offering, you can do short product reviews. This can be a product or a service that you are offering and on-screen visualization of your business will surely help the potential customers come up with a buying decision.

Tour videos
In order to gain the trust of the customers and to get even more personal with them, you can do behind the scene tour videos. This will help them understand you better and that very sense of being secretive and undercover like various businesses do will also start to fade away.

Customer testimonials videos
There is nothing more effective for your customers to reach a verdict about your product other than listening to positive reviews and testimonials from your happy customers. Do a video demonstration about it that would be a positive effort in terms of the local video marketing practice.

How we make it videos
Nothing gets your customers more curious about knowing your business other than the “How we make it” videos. Here you can focus over the best video marketing strategy for small businesses that would be to include a specific product in this specific video instead of going about all your products in a single video.

Introduce your staff
Understanding local video marketing is challenging but with the right strategy it can all be worked it perfectly. As the creative aspects in local video marketing business dictates this is a very fine and constructive idea where you can introduce your staff members with your customers in a single video before they make up their mind to visit you in person. It will make them more comfortable and at ease during their visit. 

Photo slides in a video
If you happen to be dealing with certain products that can be put together like an image then you can certainly use the photo slide feature but in a video representation. You can use PowerPoint to turn your collection into a video slide show.

Demonstrate your expertise
There is always something that a business is good at, unleash it as your branding strategy and share it with your customers. This will help them to draw a clear distinction between your business and your competitors and ultimately choose the right decision.

Article videos
It might be possible that you would have created a long list of the articles in the form of the blogs that no one is interested in reading anymore. Well, you can surely channelize them back by converting them into the videos. Understanding the very essence of local marketing for small businesses is the key to success.

New product announcements
To keep your customers tuned for more you should be creating new product announcement videos. This way they will be waiting around you to launch or introduce the new product and it will give rise to the indirect advertisement as it would be reaching a variety of people through the intrigued customers.

Helpful tips videos
Building the helpful tips videos are a great initiative to show your customers that you will be keeping a routine check regarding content creation on the internet. Furthermore, it will assist them to solve a variety of problems and catch a new perspective for the products that they are already using.